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Company Profile

Worldwidemoving.co.za is an independent internet platform, dedicated to advising consumers who want to move internationally. The most important goal is to simplify moving internationally. We offer a free quote and a quote reading form to make an informed decision on the right international mover.

Our organisation selects the world’s best international removers on the basis of the strictest of criteria. Some of those criteria are:

  • Registered PMA Mover
  • Many years of experience in the international moving business
  • Specialised in international moving
  • Agents all over the world, preferably with braches of their own
  • A sound, reliable company
  • And of course the feedback of our users

International movers who wish to participate and who comply with our regulations, can click here or send an email with all necessary information to [email protected].

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3311 GR Dordrecht
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 59464534
VAT number: NL8535.02.985.B.01

If you have any questions or remarks, send us an email at: [email protected].